• Building Solutions
    Our Fire Protection Product Include
    • Fire Alarm Systems
    • Sprinkler Systems (Dry System, Wet System, Pre-Action System)
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems (Novec 1230, FM-200, CO2 Systems)
    • Fire Detection Systems
    • Fire Hoses
    • Exit Signs
    • Kitchen Suppression Systems
    • Fire Stopping (3M Certified)
  • Industrial Solutions
    Our Fire Protection Services Include
    • ULC Listed Monitoring Service
    • Custom Fire Safety Plans (AHJ Approved Fire Safety for Residential buildings, Businesses and Facilities)
    • Fire System Inspections and Consultation in Accordance with the Ontario Fire Code, NFPA, ULC, the National Building Code of Canada, and Insurance Company Requirements
    • Corrective Fire Protection Post-Fire