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Toronto Fire Safety & Inspections for Small to Mid Size Buildings, Commercial Buildings and Industrial Buildings

We design, install, maintain, and inspect fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, special hazard fire suppression systems, and emergency lighting at an excellent cost to value. We partner with property managers, facility managers, contractors, and SME business owners for the protection of commercial, industrial and Small to Mid Size Buildings across Toronto and the GTA.

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PRO-TECH FIRE INC complies with local and national fire protection regulations avoiding costly fines

Ensure Compliance with Fire Protection Regulations

 Pro-Tech Fire Inc. helps you comply with local and national fire protection regulations, avoiding costly fines and penalties.

“The original interaction with Pro-Tech Fire was very engaging. They offered resolutions to our unique facility. Very knowledgeable team members, very trustworthy as much of our work was done after hours, and very efficient. As we plan on expanding our business, they are for sure the team we will bring back for our next phase and future builds. Thank you for a very professional, highly compliant and efficient interaction”

Sr. Director of Operations and Technology

Protect your High-Rise, Commercial and Industrial Buildings with PRO-TECH FIRE INC in Toronto

Protect Your Your Small to Mid Size, Commercial & Industrial Buildings and their Occupants

With our comprehensive fire protection solutions, you can prevent property damage and protect the lives of your property's occupants in case of a fire emergency.

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
We used Pro-Tech Fire to install a new fire alarm panel for our facility and they were great from the get-go, they were knowledgeable and completed the project on time without any problems. Shamary was great at training us on how to use a Fire Extinguisher.

I definitely recommend them. Thank you!

Jasmina Banegas

Reliable Fire Safety, Inspection Services ensure that your Fire Protection needs are met on time

Reliable and Responsive Service

Our team is easy to deal with, responsive, and honest. We deliver what we promise and ensure that your fire protection needs are met on time and on budget.

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Pro - Tech has inspected all of our locations. I find that their team is knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. They are honest and reliable. The folks that come in to inspect are friendly and thorough. The admin that I have dealt with are also friendly and honest. I highly recommend their services.

Leyah Cynamon

Pro-Tech Fire Inc. offers Fire System Installation and Protection Services across

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