Top Five Things To Look For In A Fire Protection And Life Safety Services

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All buildings and offices should mandatorily have the right processes and protocols implemented to protect people who frequent them from fires. One of the biggest challenges is making sure that they are safe, and that means that they have to collaborate with companies like us to make sure that they have the necessary protocols and infrastructure in place to keep them safe.

Through the pandemic, many significant changes were coming about, which meant people were not meeting in person anymore. Most of the companies were now remote working, and their staff was getting as much as they could while they stayed home. With offices shut for more than a year, restrictions and other changes raised, companies and businesses had to make sure their safety protocols were working and were safe to visit and get through.

When it comes to finding a good fire protection company that would be able to assist with your needs, you have to make sure that you have done the right amount of research to get through the process. We learned that most people do not think about the process as much as they should, and they work with the first company they find. While the process might not be the smartest way of finding an efficient team, we thought we would go through the process and create some pointers to assist when it comes to finding the right one.  

1. Liability insurance
When dealing with a company that protects you from fires or the damage they could cause, you have to make sure that they have liability insurance because you want to be safe if there were any issues. You want to be sure that the damage is handled and you do not have to worry about the burden or the cost to get through the process. Some companies get through the process while others might not, which means the client would have to pay for the damage and liability.

2. WSIB clearance
There are certain clearances you have to get through when working with companies that look after your damage and protect employees from injuries. There are specific clearances that companies and businesses should follow to make sure they protect their staff and others from getting injured. If you are working with a company that would assist in the case of fire damage, you want to make sure that they are committing to the clearances and meeting the requirements set in stone, or it would not make sense to get through.

3. Experience with the manufacturer of the fire alarm system
They should know what they are doing and give you enough information about the products and services that you want information about. They should not be recommending the most expensive products but the ones that make the most sense for the company, the type of room, and the type of work that they handle. If they were working in the same line of work for some time, they would have seen a lot of the changes taking place and were in a better position to assist their clients with these changes.

4. CFAA Certified and CASA member
The more certificates and clearances they have, the better because they would be in a better position to get through the process, and would know what they were doing. Some companies claim that they can assist and help, but it might not be the smartest idea to work with them because they do not have their documentation or certification in place, so you should pick who you are planning on working with and make sure you review their credentials, so you are sure you are picking the right company.

5. Fast response time
In case of an emergency, you want to make sure you work with someone who knows what they are doing and gets in touch immediately. You do not want companies who say they will get back in 24 hours, especially if you are dealing with emergency services like fire among others. You should be working with the most efficient option who connects with you in the fastest response time.

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